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Gift Certificates Bridge City Comics is pleased to offer our customers gift certificates online! This is an easy way for friends and loved ones who may not live in Portland to purchase gift certificates for any special occasion!


Ordering gift certificates is simple. Just follow the steps below!

1) Choose which amount you'd like to buy from the pull down list. If you don't see the specific amount listed, you can add different gift certificates together. For example, if you want a $75 gift certificate, you can add a $5 and a $70 gift certificate to your cart. Or, if you'd prefer, you can just order 15 $5 gift certificates and make a note on your order that you just want a single gift certificate made out for $75.

2) Once you've chosen the amount(s) you want, click on the Pay Now button. You will be able to pay for the gift certificate(s) either with a Paypal account or with your credit or debit card.

3) After payment is complete, we will mail your gift certificate to you through the US Postal Service. You can then send it to your loved one(s) in a holiday card or however you'd like! And then they can come into the store and redeem it for some great comic books, graphic novels, or whatever they would like in our store!*

Choose your amount:

All gift certificate sales are processed through Paypal, one of the safest and most widely used online payment services in the world. Please click on the logo below to go to their site and learn more about them.
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*Gift certificates are good only for in-store purchases, not online (which is easy since we don't sell online).

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