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New comics:

Bridge City Comics offers a wide selection of new comics from Dark Horse, DC Comics, Image Comics and Marvel, as well as new comics from smaller, independent publishers such as Slave Labor, Oni Press, Alternative Comics and many more!

New comics arrive every Wednesday at Bridge City Comics. They are usually out on the shelves by 11 a.m. If you're interested in joining our subscription service, please check out our subscription information.

New and Used Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks

Bridge City Comics also has a great selection of new and used graphic novels! We carry all of the major publishers as well as a wide array of graphic novels from small publishers. If you're looking for it, chances are good that you can find it at Bridge City Comics!

We offer used graphic novels at a discount. And if you have some graphic novels hanging around your house that you doubt you'll read again, bring them in and, if we need them, we'll offer you a trade credit good on almost anything in the store!

Graphic novels (also referred to as "trade paperbacks") are generally soft cover collections of regular comic books. For instance, the individual issues of Y the Last Man #1-#5 have been collected into one thicker graphic novel (or trade paperback) named Y the Last Man: Unmanned TPB.

Graphic novels can also contain brand new, never-before-published material as well. A good example of this is Sandman: Endless Nights TPB. This is a collection of short Sandman stories that have never been published prior to the publication of this book. These can also be called Original Graphic Novels (or OGN for short).


Bridge City Comics also carries supplies that will help keep your comics looking as good as the day you bought them!

We Offer:

  • current comic-sized bags (60 micron polypropylene, 6-7/8"x10-1/4" plus 2' flap) in singles or in packs of 100
  • backing boards (in singles or in bundles of 100)
  • short boxes (holds approximately 150 comics)
  • long boxes (holds approximately 300 comics)

We also can recommend grading and restoration services for your comics!

Subscription Service:

Bridge City Comics offers a subscription service to help you get the comics you want! While we do try to stock enough comic books and graphic novels every week to meet demand, occasionally we do experience sell-outs on certain titles. This is unfortunate but joining our subscription service will ensure that you get the comic books and graphic novels that you are looking for.

The Bridge City Comics Subscription Service is easy to use. Just download both of the forms below (in PDF format), print them, fill them out and bring them in to Bridge City Comics.

Subscription Agreement
Titles List

There's no fee associated with starting a subscription box. Because we special order these items for you and we are unable to return them to our distributors, we do insist that you pick up and pay for the items you are subscribed to in a timely fashion (usually no more than 2-3 weeks after they come in). For more information, please download and read through the Subscription PDFs.

503-282-5484  |  3725 N. Mississippi Ave., Portland, OR 97227